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General Information         

Product Name : EPDM 40-Russia

Classification : EPDM Rubber

Origin of product : RUSSIA

▒ Description

Characteristics of EPDM 
EPDM is synthetic rubber made by polymerization of ethylene, propylene and/or non-conjugated 
diene with residual unsaturation in the side chain.
It can be vulcanized by sulfur,Peroxide,
Phenol resin and Radiation etc.;
especially the diene is introduced to allow sulfur vulcanization.
EPDM is particularly excellent in ozone resistance,weather resistance, heat resistance, 
chemical resistance and its specific gravity is lower than that of synthetic rubbers.
It is very economical because of possibility of high filter/processing oil loading.
EPDM is used for varieties of applicatons such as sealings, tire tubes, hoses, electric 
wires/cables, industrials goods, polyolefin modifiers, etc.
Applications of EPM/EPDM For Automotive Industry
Weather Strips(Door Sponge, Wind Shield, Trunk Seal) 
Radiator Hoses 
Heater Hoses 
Protectors(Solid, Sponge) 
Radiator Packing 
Silencer Mount(Exhaust Pipe Hanger) 
Brake System(Brake Cups) 
Lamp Packing 
Tire & Tube(IIR Blend) 
Polyolefin Modifier(Bumper, Hose등의 내충격 보강재)
Applications of EPM/EPDM For Non-Automotive Industries
Electrical wires & cables 
Electrics (Socket Covers, Plug Caps, Anoid Caps, Covers) 
Roofing Sheets 
Belt(Heat resistance belt covers) 
Industrial goods(Water proof panels/Gaskets,protection Fence) 
Roll(Copy, Fax, low hardness roll, Heat resistance roll) 
Miscellaneous(Shower Hoses, sponges) 
Mooney viscosity,(ML1+4),at 100℃ :36-45
Mass share of ethylidene-norbornenecomponents,%,in rangg :5.1-8.0
Loss of mass at drying,%,max :0.5
Ash content,:%,max :0.2
Mass share of vanadium,%,max :0.008
Alcohol-toluene extract content,%,max :4.0
Mass share of propylene,% :33-40
Mass share of ethylene,% :Not specified
Mass share of antioxidant Agidol-2,% :0.15-0.30
ultimate tensile strength,Mpa(kgF/cm2.),min :17.6
Ultimate elongation,%,min :350

▒ Additional Information

Other EPDM grades EPDM 50 EPDM 60 We offer all synthectic rubbers from Russia. 
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