Plastic Reprossed Resin



ΆΖ General Information         

Product Name : EPDM reprocessed rubber

Classification : EPDM reprocessed rubber

Origin of product : South Korea

ΆΖ Description

Kumho EPDM Reprocessed
1.Kumho EPDM PCU (Korea Origin)
Reprocessing is the recycling of uncompounded, unvulcanized synthetic rubber scrap.
Synthetic rubber scrap is the material that is being wasted during the different 
finishing phases in the productionprocess of the rubber polymer, after the actual
polymerisation. This means that the scrap is chemically simular and equal to the 
standard synthetic rubber grades.
The amount of synthetic rubber scrap is being estimated at 2% of the total capacity 
of a synthetic rubber plant. The scrap is being selected by type, homogenized, dried 
and filtered.
2. Advantages of repro
Reprocessed rubber is complimentary to the usual prime virgin materials : can be used 
in a blend with prime to reduce cost -> customer can improve his competitiveness 
in the market.
The material is in bales of 25 kg.
The bales are wrapped in a film.
The bales are put in a wooden crate of 1000 kg/40 bales
4. Specification
EPDM-AC01 reprocessed
Our EPDM is a reprocessed terpolymer of ethylene, propylene and diene.
Materials : Kumho petrochem Korea.
Specifications EPDM reprocessed
Mooney Viscosity (1) ML 1+4@125°C 30 ~ 80
Ethylene Content, wt.% 52 ~ 68
ENB Content, wt.% 2,5 ~ 6,5
Ash Content (1h, 550°C), wt.% 1,0 max.
Moisture Content (105°C, 10 mins.), wt.% 1,0 max.
Antioxidant Nonstaining
Density, g/cm³ 0,86 ~ 0,87
Colour White to Grey
Standard 25 kg bales, wrapped
25 bales stacked in one crate.
EPDM has a very good processibility and is compatible for co-curing with conventional
diene rubbers. It shows an excellent resistance to oxidative and ozone degradation.

ΆΖ Additional Information