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ΆΖ General Information         

Product Name : Natural gum rubber

Classification : Natural gum rubber-Recycled

Origin of product :

ΆΖ Description

Natural Gum RUBBER
This is our high-grade gum recycled from the Examination Glove Rejects. The process 
used in producing this grade is by using the application of mechanical shear breakdown 
with non-staining Oils and Chemicals. No fillers are added when producing this grade.
 The result is we have a High trade Recycle which has a rubber content of almost 90%, 
a low specific gravity of about 0.95 and very high physical properties : -T.S. - 18 
MPA and E.B. -(700%).
Products where cost is a major consideration a large quantity of SR-138 can be used 
by substituting with the virgin polymer thereby resulting in the cost reduction. 
With the use of SR-138 the high physical properties and improved process ability are 
The manufacturing of products such as adhesives, tapes and sponge rubber, a long time 
is required to masticate the virgin polymer breakdown. Using SR-138 this process of 
pre-mastication can be eliminated. This advantage also reduces the processing cost 
by saving electrical energy and time. As the specific gravity is also low, the cost 
per kilo is also reduced.
Mixing Process : SR-138 requires no mastication, faster and smoother mixing is achieved. 
Reduces the requirement of energy thus the heat produced.
Molding Process : Flows better in the mould, Clear design impressions are
obtained from intricate designs, reduces the entrapment of air and al low rejection rate 
is achieved.
Extrusion Process : Faster extrusion rate is obtained with reduced swelling.
Vulcanizing Process : Faster cure rates are obtained with no risk of reversion.
Thus it can be seen that recycle rubber improves the overall performances in
processing properties and outputs with low energy consumption.

ΆΖ Additional Information